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How to solve: Shortcut Cannot Be Opened

If you see this message “This shortcut cannot be opened because your Shortcuts security settings don’t allow untrusted shortcuts”, you just have to enable installations from third parties sources. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Open Shortcuts app, tap on the Gallery tab and Install a shortcut (install one at random, no matter what)

2. Now Run the Shortcut that you have installed. Just click on the rectangle from “My Shortcuts” tab

3. Now close Shortcuts app and open the iPhone Settings app. Scroll down until “Shortcuts” and tap to enter the menu. Now enable “Untrusted shortcuts” through the button.

How to solve: 'Per installare questo comando รจ necessario scaricare SCLibrary. Vuoi scaricarla adesso?

We’ve created a Library Shortcut which contains a lot of useful tools for shortcuts developers. In these, we’ve included our special Shortcut Updater which checks and notify when a new update is available. So, to be able to use all our Shortcuts, you need to install SCLibrary too!
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